Additional Insureds

Many sports teams and organizations are required to add a facility, school district, or other entity to their certificate as an additional insured.

Adding a third party as an additional insured onto your policy confers some additional rights to that third party under your policy. Normally, if your team or organization is renting or leasing a facility, field, or practice space, they will ask to be added as additional insured under your policy. An additional insured is shown by adding the third party’s name in the ‘Certificate Holder’ box at the bottom left corner of a Certificate of Insurance and noting in the ‘Description of Operations’ box that the organization is listed as additional insured.

eSportsInsurance offers unlimited additional insured certificates free of charge on most policies; some policies will incur charges for more than three additional insureds. Most additional insured certificates can be provided on the same business day or next business day that they are requested.

Some third parties also require that they be issued an additional insured endorsement page, which is an actual change to the insurance policy. Additional insured endorsement pages are available upon request, but there may be an additional charge or waiting period longer than one day.

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